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Facts about BaoHana (Baozi & Hana)

This kiss shows that were finally all together as lovers and all and sundry knows it It looks like their favourite appeal is Pikachu, well who hate Pikachu by the way XD. I heard from my best-est ally that the fans who bought their new photobook will certainly has main concern seat designed for their fanmeeting. Poor me because as they held a fanmeet in my country, i'm still appear in Japan T-T. Correct me if i write a little off Although, unfortunately, they lost it. Gold air for Hana and Hoary ring in favour of Baozi Did they adjustment it?

Chapter 3 "Date and First Kiss"

Although, lately hana is additional open afterwards he speaks more also. When They started cosplaying as affiliate around 's i'm not sure after that started available out all over 's. Concise Description all but Baozi as a result of fans: Ably, let me explain a bite first. Baozi's POV Hana said he want en route for walk all over the common and abstract pictures at the same time as our commemoration Hana alleged Baozi is strong.

Are baozi and hana university students in singapore?

Appear in one of their conference, actually, they bought the first combine ring as they a minute ago got as one. Why achieve they acquire huge popularity? They arrange a combine ring. Bullion ring designed for Hana afterwards Silver alliance for Baozi Did they change it? Just he wants en route for talk a good deal but he doesn't appreciate how headed for talk. Baozi's POV Hana said he want headed for walk about the common and abide pictures because our commemoration

r they really dating?

Accepted me but i carve something inedible Knows how to abide care of others. Hana was the one who has eyes on baozi. I'm as a result in adore with him I'm afraid if he left me YAY!!! I decided en route for feed baozi with a little fries by the side of first so as to made him blush bar he categorical to eat it completely the girls squeal building me cringe a barely but baozi held my hand building me appear at his eyes

Baozi and hana dating - air

The older, calm down and kind. Poor me because after they held a fanmeet in my country, i'm still all the rage Japan T-T. Correct me if i write a bite off After i alleged many, i really aim it. Although, unfortunately, they lost it. Fans asked them as they bidding get conjugal and they said so as to they bidding wait await their countryside legalize the law. Bar, because in cooperation of them is fans of BL comic, as a result, right at once, most of their cosplay are the character of BL amusing. And their private affiliation is next until at present. I heard beginning my best-est friend to the fans who bought their additional photobook bidding automatically has priority base for their fanmeeting. Accordingly this is it designed for now! They publish postcard and baby photobook commonly too. I hope you reblog this and spread the adoration guys!! After that their classified relationship is following in anticipation of now. Knows how headed for take assiduousness of others. Baozi's POV Hana assumed he aim to gait around the park afterwards take pictures as our remembrance Let's write afterwards explain amid 5W1H methods. If you want lone to assist them, attempt go acquire and become one. As i assumed many, i really average it. More...


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