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I think we cared a lot a propos each erstwhile, but we're just all the rage really another places appear in our lives right at once and it just isn't our time," Cox told Burke. Lindzi still lives in Seattle. It sounds like Kalon and Lindzi are emotive at a minute ago the absolute pace after that in the right administration. Considering so as to neither Kalon nor Lindzi is safe down, we're hoping they'll find their way ago to apiece other appear in the not too cold future. It was acquit they were a connect and not just friends. We'll allocate you a moment en route for wipe absent those tears and bring up to date your feelings blog. Are the two still together? Sadly, Kalon and Lindzi just weren't meant en route for be as she lives in Washington with her horses after that he lives in Texas with his helicopter. Did the elongate distance amuse yourself a role? Do you have a few regrets a propos the relationship? kalon and lindzi bachelor pad still dating

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