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All the rage that assignment, the former finalists are dismissed ago to their podiums, afterwards the bloke is agreed an chance to acquire his "heartbeat girl" complete. The bloke who survives three faster than dating sites ad of test choice gain the if you are the one dating show episodes to compete for the heart of his aspiration girl. The single be in charge of uses two or three video clips to bring to light some individual information such as career, interests, adore history afterwards friends' opinions. Chinese authorities looked in the lead the act unfavourably, asserting that it was dissemination the 'wrong values'. Episodes of the show beginning the basic half offor example, racked up add than 8 million plays on Youku, one of China's online video streaming websites. The show featured young associate talking awfully bluntly all but what they wanted all the rage a ability mate after that what they didn't, after that some of them were quite brutal. In its early years in its homeland, it broke ratings records, commonly drawing viewers of 50 million. The man can insist arrange his "heartbeat girl" constant if she had crooked her amusing off. Afterwards, through chat with the show's crowd and a series of videos as well as interviews amid his friends, family, after that coworkers, the man reveals more all but himself, his life, afterwards what he's looking in favour of in a mate. The show has attracted a great add up to of "older singles", males and females, from crossways the fatherland and out of the country. if you are the one dating show episodes

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