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how early can dating scan be done This test is not completely as correct as the combined acid test. This applies at at all stage of gestation the ultrasound is done. Designed for most mums-to-be, the basic scan choice be a dating examination at among 10 weeks and 13 weeks advantage six existence of pregnancy NICE Acquire out add about: You will not be offered the collective screening adversity if your dating check happens as soon as 14 weeks. It be able to also be performed en route for confirm the results of a pregnancy test before just en route for provide you with a few reassurance so as to all is progressing because it should be. You can ask your midwife or consultant before the scan condition this is the assignment. It won't hurt, even though you can feel a little anxiety on your tummy. Condition you arrange agreed en route for have broadcast for Down's syndrome, the dating check and the screening choice usually come to pass at the same calculate. More...


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